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Srikalahasti Temple

Srikalahasti temple is one of the most popular Shiva temple located in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India or it is about 38 km from the North of Tirupati central. Peoples come here to seek blessing form the lord and wish to lead happy and prosperous life for future. It is one of the most well known temples of South India and is known for being the place where Kannappa sacrificed both of his eyes to stop the blood flowing out of the Shiva Lingam and he continued doing the same so long till the time, he was not stopped by Lord Shiva. This temple is built with very wonderful way, the interior and exterior of the temple was made with rocks. The interior of the temple was built during fifth century while the outer part was built by Vijaya-nagara and Chola kings in twelfth century.
This temple is celebrated for worshipping Lord Shiva, for him being embodiment of one of the five primary elements in the form of water, fire, earth, space and air. These elements are well known “Panchtatva” in Hindu mythology.
Most astrologers advise to perform the pooja during the Rahu Kalam which is the best time to do the pooja, which last for a time period of around 45 minutes.
The devotee have three ticketing options available for the pooja which is given below:- 
1. Rs. 300 Ticket: For the people availing this ticket the pooja will be done in a large hall present outside the premises of the temple.
2. Rs. 750 Ticket: The Pariharam Pooja is done in this case, in the nearby place to the main temple inside an air-conditioned hall consisting of the Shiva Sannishi.
3. Rs. 1500 Ticket: This one is the VIP tickets of all the three and in this case the Pariharam Pooja will be done inside the temple. There are lots of festivals are celebrated in the temple but the grand celebration occur on Mahashivaratri that all the peoples decorate the temple beautifully and focus on cleanliness.

Srikalahasti Temple Timing :-

Now the timing of Srikalahasti temple is 6am to 9 pm, the devotee must darshan under the time.

How to reach Srikalahasti :-

Now you can easily reach Srikalahasti from bus stand or railway station. The distance between from the bus stand and Srikalahasti is about 36 kilometers and from the Tripura Railway Station 37 kilomerters.